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Silver Jubilee: Blockbuster ‘Titanic’ to be Screened in Cinemas Worldwide on February 10

The worldwide blockbuster ‘Titanic’ will mark its Silver Jubilee on February 10, and as a tribute to the chartbuster romantic film, it will be screened in cinemas worldwide. This historical movie will be remastered in High Definition and 4K 3D and screened in all the cinemas worldwide and in Lahore city of Pakistan.

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The director of this blockbuster, James Cameron, on his Instagram posted the film’s trailer under the caption, “Some stories are timeless. In celebrating the 25th anniversary, please join us in experiencing Titanic in remastered 4K 3D. Opening February 10 in theatres.”
Blockbuster made world record in business
Titanic made the record of the highest-grossing movie in the world, with a total business of more than $ 2.2 billion. In contrast, the film cost only $ 200 million and garnered many Oscar awards and other accolades.
The film will also be screened in all the cinemas of Lahore on the same day. Award-winning Titanic will be released on February 10, just before Valentine’s Day.

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